Ferguson Fly Fishing

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Some days you get an angler or two in the boat that just seem to want it more than most. They seem to be more connected with the fly, they think like a fish, and they'll keep making the cast even when conditions are less than favorable. Through the Advil, 8 wts and tree limbs that's what I had when Dan and Ben from OKC got in my boat. I had the chance to fish with them for 3 days this week. Neither Dan or Ben had ever been to Arkansas and were anxious to see what it had to offer. Mother nature was off her rocker this weekend. It seemed like we had 4 seasons in 3 days. There were rain jackets, sweaters, temps for flip flops, and wind that makes me think of Kansas. All tho we never got the fish of a lifetime there was plenty of learning, heartbreaks, casting and entertainment. The flood gates are still open on both tailwaters. We will most likely see these for a few more weeks. The lakes are falling steadily and the white is running quiet clear. If your on the water be careful and pay attention to your surroundings. Trees and other obscurations come up a lot faster than normal. Like always if you unsure about it stay off or use an experienced captain when fishing this high flood water. The white has been fishing good, and a lot of weight is a must. Weither throwing streamers or floating a bobber rig be sure to use enough weight to get your flies to where they need to be. White or olive/yellow double deceivers have both been fishing well lately. Your best chance for nymphing will be big bright flies the fish can see. Try throwing large eggs, Squirmy worms, or even large midges in the slower water. 

Chances are If you've even glanced towards the local tailwaters recently it didn't take long to notice something. There's a ton of water in them! Looks like the rain storm after Christmas finally caught up to us. This can be very discouraging and sometimes troublesome if you've had a trip planned and time taken off. Well its not all dark skies, the river is actually still fishable. One thing about the high water, theres no guessing where the fish are. The trouble you run into is getting to them. With water out of the banks and far in the trees start looking for new places and spots overlooked. Find the pockets and slower water and you'll find the fish. Weather dredging bobber rigs or slinging streamers weight is going to be key. Throwing enough weight to get the flies to the depth the fish are is gonna be a must. You always want to be comfortable with the captain of the boat your in. At the end of the day your safety is in their hands. Weather using an experienced guide or fun fishing with some friends over the weekend use safety and respect the force of water and nature.